Drupal training in your area organised by you - travelling and training - 2014

The title says it all. I love to travel, meet new people, experience local community and share my knowledge. This is edition 2014.
Pinpoint yourself onto the map if you are interested in any of the trainings, doesn't matter if you are an individual or a company.
There are 3 first trainings being organised in UK throughout May and June.
Read about me - http://sotak.co.uk/about-me

How does it work

1. Attendees on the map

map 01
If you are interested in any of the offered trainings you pin point yourself on the map. You are able to specify which training you want to attend, it can be multiple trainings, as part of the pin pointing process.

2. HUBs

map 02
Lets say, there are more than 5 people interested in the training in the radius of 50kms. For these people, there will be a new group created. A hub. Which will be an organic group, where they will:
* Select one person who will be in charge of organising the training - manager
* Find possible venues for training
* Invite new people
* Discuss possible dates
* Complete the task list to make the training happen

3. Training

map 03
Once the task list is done, the trainer will review and gets in touch with the organiser. The training is officialy announced with the specified date and ready to take on official registrations.

4. Discounts

As part of my travels and experiencing new culture and people, I am willing to give discounts to people who:
* provide me with a couch (so I don't have to pay for the hotel, thus keeping the costs down)
* spend a day with me and show me the area around the day after the training
* spend time with organising - being organisers

The more people are in the training - minimum 5 - maximum 12 - the less you will have to pay per person, so you can make the training really cheap and affordable to individuals if you find enough people.
* 5 attendees - 200 EUR / person
* 6 attendees - 190 EUR / person
* 7 attendees - 180 EUR / person
* 8 attendees - 170 EUR / person
* 9 attendess - 160 EUR / person
* 10 attendess - 150 EUR / person
* 11 attendess - 140 EUR / person
* 12 attendess - 130 EUR / person

5. Trainings offered

The trainings/workshops I am offering are Basic Drupal theming (CSS, HTML, basic PHP), Theming for designers, Advanced theming and Drupal knowledge sharing.
See the training page and add yourself - http://sotak.co.uk/training


While I was traveling, I've made a quick 3 days stop in Dublin. With the help of local community (namely Stella and Heather) we organised a training for 10 people. It was a great experience, especially hanging out with local people afterwards.

So if you are interested in Drupal training, feel free to pin point yourself on the map here http://sotak.co.uk/training :)
If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate and ask/comment in the comments below or through contact form.
I did this already some years ago http://sotak.co.uk/blog/drupal-theming-training-in-your-area

Thanks a lot for sharing this!

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