DA Elections 2013 - I am voting for better Drupal in EU

Only few hours left till the DA Elections will be open to voting and I am going to vote for Morten.


Morten is a passionate person, that truly wants to change how things are being handled within the DA and mainly within the context of EU Drupal community based on his own experiences. He does see the problem and when he see it, he talks about it loudly. I had several opportunities to work with Morten - during the DrupalCon Copenhagen (where I was the lead for trainings, while Morten had the whole DrupalCon on his shoulders) and then on the Frontendunited conf series (previously Drupal Design camps in EU). I know he is the man that get things done without too much talking about it. At the end most of the time that approach worked very well and pushed other things into the process very quickly, which initiated learning and getting early feedback.

He also knows how the DA works and what is needed in terms of helping Drupal to grow in EU. I fully agree with his statement about having more people from EU on DA board, so lets say DrupalCon can fit much more better into EU culture and the country that it is hosting (how long did it take to change DrupalCon dates from August when most of the EU people are enjoying summer holidays to September?). From our chats in the past few weeks I know that: he's got the skills and experiences, he's got the balls and he is willing to put himself into the process to improve things for good of all of us and Drupal.

+1 for Morten!

Read more about how you can vote here https://association.drupal.org/election2013-update

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