Another update on Root Candy

Just noticed that I forgot to post about a version 1.0 being released some time ago. We are almost ready to roll out 1.1 version with several bug fixes and new features so I would like to summarise what has been done so far and invite testers to test latest dev version.

Couple of new features

Sliding panel - dev
I always wanted to add a section or region which will be by default hidden and available on all pages. I was quite impressed when I stumbled upon a jquery script that creates a nice sliding down panel ( which was exactly what I was looking for.
It's a region so you are able to place any blocks there. And yes, the header is supported by color module.

Compact mode layout
Thanks to ajevans85 we have a different layout (iconized) for compact mode (hidden descriptions).
compact mode

Theme settings menu and role weights
This one especially needs testing, it's an important part of this theme and allows to have different top navigation per role.

As usualy you can test the demo here:
and you can get the theme from d.o: (latest dev version not yet available (19GMT 10-05))

I am writing a post about how we are using this theme on clients sites and also I am probably going to do a presentation on, so if you would like to show me how it fits to your clients please get in touch (twitter, contact form).

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