Hello, I am drupal developer and themer

welcome to the personal website of Marek Sotak. Drupal developer, web-designer, themer and illustrator. You can read more about me on the About page.


Inline Manual 1.0 Drupal module released, show your clients how to use their site After few betas, Inline Manual Drupal module has reached stable 1.0 version. Throw screenshots, screencasts...
Get off the phone: Helping users through better UX and tools - Jam's DrupalCamp Jam (Jeffrey A. McGuire) from Acquia approached me right after I gave presentation about user assistance at...
Process improvement: Creating website manuals for clients in under 5 minutes Back from Drupalcamp Vienna, where I talked about how supporting your users is one of the processes of web...


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  • HLNTV.com http://www.hlntv.com/ 1 year 7 months ago
  • One Difference http://onedifference.org - drupal 3 years 5 months ago